First of all, myTable, it's mobile, school timetable, that stores your classes, notes and grades. However, it also reminds you about the exams, calculates the time to the lessons end and cares about your ringtone, turning on silent mode during classes or, by vibration in your pocket, notifies that your exam time finishes in a few minutes.

Naturally, myTable is integrated with for your Samsung Gear device, so just take a look on your wrist and take over the universe!

In round 2, I have focused on watch-side application. Whole application for Gear was recreated: I have added top widget, plenty of swipe gestures, I have coded own keyboard and datepicker and I've added more than one thousand lines of code responsible for communication, work in the background and notifications- that's only for Gear-side. However, I didn't forget about android-side application: I've hardcoded lots of new facilities like better autocompleting fields, fixed hours algorithm, week change and automatization functions, that works better and more battery friendly. I also thought about the multiuser options. The application is now ready for it. Database export, import and sharing was improved, too.

What can I write more?- I put a lot of work in this application and I am convinced, it's the best timetable application that was ever, so far, created for any mobile device.

Music used in promotional video is my own mix.

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