MySupport offers people with disabilities tools to enable them to self-direct their own services. Our platform has a significant positive impact on policy and society, through assisting with the expansion of self-directed and home and community based services. Since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Supreme Court's 1999 Olmstead v. L.C. decision, states have been shifting away from nursing home and institutional care for people with disabilities and towards integrated, in-home supports. Unfortunately, while most seniors and people with disabilities report that they would like to select and manage their own support workers, little infrastructure exists to assist them in doing so.

MySupport exists to solve that problem. By offering people with disabilities and support workers the ability to create a profile, answer match questions and be connected with compatible users looking to receive or provide support, finding the right support relationship has never been easier. MySupport's easy to use scheduling software makes it easy for workers and people with disabilities to keep track of upcoming shifts with free text message reminders and to submit timesheets to Medicaid-vendorized agencies for payment.

MySupport is designed to empower both people with disabilities and workers, through the use of self-directed services. Under self-direction, people with disabilities retain the power to hire, fire and manage their own workers, rather than delegating that authority to an agency. While over 835,000 people with disabilities, seniors and others with long term services and supports needs self-direct in the United States, self-direction is still the exception rather than the norm. We believe that MySupport can change that. The stakes are high. In a multi-year study of self-directed models across several states, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation concluded that self-directed services can significantly reduce nursing home admissions, improve the quality of services provided and ultimately help states control costs and serve more people. MySupport can and will help bring those changes about. Our goal is to help people with disabilities and workers realize the four goals of the ADA - equality of opportunity, full participation, economic self-sufficiency and independent living.

Built With

  • .net-4.5
  • c-sharp
  • ms-sql-server
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