We developed a new social network which connects businesses to consumers by the products they own.

We all know what people do with the product registration cards (throw them away immediately) and/or product registration URLs (ignore them). That's because the Internet of Consumers requires that there be something in it for both sides! Not just info for the business.

Our app creates a social network where consumers get an easy way to scan products and maintain an inventory list of the things they have. This list instantly gives them access to product documentation, support links/numbers, manufacturer information, a Chatter community of other people who own the same product, solution knowledge base and a launchpad for interfaces to "the Internet of Things". Businesses get higher product registration rates, current consumer information, visibility into their products out in the market, visibility into reselling activity of their product, another channel to connect with consumers, and the potential for so much more!

We the power of Salesforce1, Force.com, ExactTarget, Canvas, Heroku, Chatter, Publisher Actions and Communities we were able to quickly pull together a broad, cohesive, seemless and engaging mobile application.

There are 1000s of ways to further build out this new social network on Salesforce1 --- the platform best suited for the "Internet of consumers".

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