The vision of myStrength was born from two Internet executives, outside of healthcare who struggled with mental illness directly—who developed mobile accessible applications to dramatically advance the access to evidenced-based resources.

myStrength is the Health Club for your Mind. Just as a gym provides physical resources for the body, myStrength offers a range of mood-improving resources for the mind, including step-by-step eLearning modules for depression and anxiety, interactive tools, tailored action plans, and daily inspiration personalized to each user. This consumer-centric and highly confidential HIPAA-compliant platform reduces the stigma and provides inexpensive access to evidence-based resources.

myStrength’s evidenced-based foundation and integration of contemporary and familiar digital applications fosters strong user engagement and demonstrated positive outcomes.

myStrength has a strategic partnership with The National Council for Behavioral Health, the voice of over 2,000 community behavioral health providers across the country, to accelerate the use of our mobile and web applications to extend access, care, and support to millions of Medicaid consumers. “Consumers want on-demand access to treatment and support anytime, anywhere. Behavioral health, perhaps more than any other healthcare specialty, is suited to leverage virtual delivery and myStrength is making it possible,” explains Linda Rosenberg, CEO of the National Council. (

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