Inspiration fills a vacuum in today’s supply chain planners to identify the gap in identification of real-time inventory and provide a real-time view and notification of the service. helps buyers and planners within the organization to do better demand planning of products in the marketplace and used Walmart as a case study for helping Walmart buyers and planners to identify the current status of products on a real-time. Buyer can place the order using the mobile application with the help of magnet notification system which sends a order placement and payment done through master card eco-system through mobile application.

What it does – a supply chain app disrupting just-in-time inventory management

How I built it

Python, webpy, ios, linux. godaddy , AWS , EC2 Source code:

Challenges I ran into

Initial ideas had roadblocks and quickly pivoting to new idea helped to stay focussed

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Single-handedly able to accomplish the

What I learned

Created my first webservice using webpy

What's next for

Planning to build a SaaS platform mobile app for all suppliers to manage their inventory and integrate with their inventory management system

Built With

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