Mystery Trip,, was born from an idea based around orienteering. Geo-location apps are only now beginning to take the world by storm. Geo-caching, four square are just a few ideas which are becoming more popular. Mystery Trip is totally unique in this new geo-location genre in apps. I wanted to make an app that brings MYSTERY and EXCITEMENT to your smart phone in a way never seen before.

Using Mystery Trip is very simple. You can create a mystery adventure for friends or family by locking in co-ordinates via the app and sending them on a treasure hunt around their town or even the world. There is no limit as to what you can create. For eg: you may want to design a TOURIST trip for friends who have never been to your town before. You come up with a few places you would like to send them and create a trip just for them. You may send them to a local attraction, a nice beach or a historical building. The MYSTERY is created by the fact you only ever know the clue to the next location and you have to find it before you UNLOCK the next stop along the way. The potential is LIMITLESS, tourism, entertainment and self guided tours are all a possibility. Anyone can do it and the best part is its FREE to download.

The biggest challenge in making this happen was funding the development and finding a good developer to create it. I CROWD-FUNDED the idea via and raised over $17000 from people all over the world. It was developed by a Russian/Ukraine developer (VEDIDEV, I nearly did not make the funding goal, but did just at the last minute from a main investor from Finland Jarkko Huttu, Language barrier played a role also in getting the full idea understood by the developer, however they picked it up very quickly. It was truly an international effort.

My biggest accomplishment was creating the pitch prior to the funding campaign. I spent three months of hard work creating the video to support my pitch, creating the website and gaining a social media presence. I stayed up til past midnight most nights from working full time as a registered nurse and having a wife and two children, it was a challenge but very rewarding.

What I learnt was that making an app is only the beginning. Marketing and getting it noticed is a whole other story. There are so many apps out there and unless you get noticed or featured by apple, its not going to be very successful. I honestly thought in the beginning that if it gets developed it will be huge,but reality is another thing. I believe in the idea and know it could be mainstream, but its hard to get noticed.

Mystery Trip now needs users and people to start using the app daily.

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