Remember when you were a child and the old Highlights magazines were sitting in the waiting rooms of the different doctors offices? Remember flipping to the middle of the magazine and doing the find the item puzzles? The part where you have a find that list of items scattered throughout that cluttered world?

In this unique experience you can not just relive those childhood memories you can take part in them in a virtual world. You are an explorer trapped in a valley between multiple mountain ranges. It's in the woods, it's wet, there is an old abandoned cabin that has forest is slowly reclaiming, but the items inside from the previous owners remain. You are in the valley with nothing but a list of items you need to find to bring back home.

UPDATE: The game is controlled with any standard bluetooth game pad. The player can use the left and right joystick to move the character around but only the left control stick is needed for player movement. Please remember small movements of the joysticks go a long way.

UPDATE: When playing you will notice a paced day/night cycle. You will notice variable wind conditions throughout the level. When you set out in this submersive environment you will be faced with the challenge to find all 6 items: shovel, large med kit, small med kit, alcohol bottle, ice pack and a bandage. Find these items throughout the level, they might be high or low. Your character will pick them up automatically when you collide with them (see the pictures of the items in the screenshot below.

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