Inspired by the free print and play board game "Zombie in my Pocket", a mix of survival and escape room elements.

What it does

The house is built as a randomly generated structure, with random events based off of the cards draws that would happen in the physical game. A "draw" happens as you enter each room generating enemy's, objects and count down timer. Each time you play creates a new experience for the player.

How we built it

Room & yard components were built in Revit. Components & animations were made in Blender and 3D Max. Its all compiled in Unity and with a little magic to make the game play.

Challenges we ran into

Room generation, tile movement, grabbing objects.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Zombie animations, House pieces, and all the cool weapons. Also cool behind the scenes action like the events table and the system that generates the house plan.

What we learned

Unity control and Blender tips.

What's next for Mystery House

More of everything!

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