Inspiration to be a writer takes its roots from my mother who is a renowned writer in my hometown. Thinking of the pivotal point was a challenge. Moreover, the flow of the story should be like a tree structure, giving 2 or 3 options to choose from, at every point. Moreover, the story should have multiple twists intentionally to confuse the intended audience. The story should be short and should fit into the app being designed. So I have to think from every perspective, so as the user would be driven further based on their choice. Moreover revealing the killer without any clue would be pointless. So I made sure that the clues for the cause of the victim's death were placed at every point of the story. The whole point is to make the user, engaged throughout the flow of the game. And I hope we were able to achieve it.

What it does

People like to solve mysteries. And there are only a few games online that are thought-provoking. With the invent of Alexa & google assistant, people enjoy asking questions and getting back the answers. Chatbot works the same way. So we decided to develop a chatbot with more and more mysteries to solve

How we built it

We used Python as a backend server that connects the messenger and User input from the messenger will be sent to server for the NLP processing. Based on the understanding users will get follow up questions in the game.

Challenges we ran into

1) Making the chatbot interactive at the same time making it descriptive and detailed for mystery solvers. 2) Connecting with Facebook messengers, because example codes which are given in the GitHub was having a bug. It didn't work as excepted. 3) In the quick reply, keeping track of what users have already selected. 4) Finding the right feature engineering grouping for training NLP.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

End to end to implementations. Working knowledge of NLP features. Quick reply state maintenance.

What we learned

How to create an efficient and interactive chatbot.

What's next for Mystery Buff

Add complex and challenging mysteries.

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