MyStats is an app to help users to record and visualize their everyday activities.

With "Timed Activity", you can record "when and what you did" and visualize "how you are spending your time" on pie chart.

With another function, called Daily Activity, you can record daily status or results of anything and visualize them on line graphs. Daily Activities can be number of new contracts you have won today, number of pages you have studied, today's best lap for 100 yards dash, today's weight, etc.

Those charts and graphs can be posted to Evernote just by tapping a button.

Some users may keep these posts just for future reference, some may make a Note and gather graphs there to have historical view, or some may make a beautiful "Personal Dashboard" by using great edit function of Evernote.

If you have a dream or a goal, you have to manage yourself. If you can record and visualize your everyday activities in a simple way, your personal management will be a lot easier. If you have records of everyday activities, you want to keep them safely and review them occasionally.

Here is MyStats with Evernote for you.

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