Every day more wallets appear on Web3, and I want we need more simplest wallets for users who don't understand Chrome extensions or don't have a smartphone, using just a simple Web app.

What it does

I built a Web platform to manage a wallet, for XRP Ledger, all in one page, protecting the data with a password and the possibility to send XRP, show the seed code, and review all NFTs in the account.

How we built it

It was built with HTML and Javascript with XRPL sdk.

Challenges we ran into

Save data in the user's local storage without exposing private data, encrypt it, and simplify the process using a password.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Being able to build everything in one-day understanding and finding the simplest form for users.

What's next for MySoul Wallet

The goal is to make it a complete and massive wallet, adding:

Multiple tokens and contracts, not just XRP (other fiat and cryptocurrencies). Allow interaction with NFT, for creating and sending.

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