Facing the issue to get the links that i saved months before whenever i wihs to find it in my booksmarks i did not use to get it as many other bookmarks also be present.

What it does

This saves all the important links and different kind of notes and can be searched easily whenever required

How I built it

I built it using HTML,CSS,Javascript,php,Laravel

Challenges I ran into

Adding download functionality of the saved links and notes Saving the notes(list type) and displaying it back as list only

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I successfully Added different types of notes that a user can use like the normal one and list type and sending emails of saved links and an option to download the saved links and notes as PDF

What I learned

i learned how to perform CRUD opertions,send emails,save a s pdf,save list data as array and display back as list and much more

What's next for MySiteManager

Plan is to add a password manager i.e maybe a person has several accounts for a site/app so inorder to save login username/email and the respective password with total scurity

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