Rethink Picture Sharing

Its common knowledge today that once a picture (album) is published out to the internet, all control over its consumption is gone! There is no recall or recourse to an accidental leak. Recently, hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence paid the ultimate price, where compromising photographs of her were harvested and sold and finally distributed for free far and wide.

In the past, we had a naive way of sharing pictures: have a public category (namely a picture that can be shared with anybody), and a private category (a picture that may be shared with near and dear ones only).

However, the digital age makes this naive classification not only useless but at times dangerous as well. Today's social networks, email and digital backup drives are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. These social networks are nuanced in the type of people and relationships that we carry on into a network. One size doesn't fit all - content that is appropriate for one network may not be applicable to another.

This is a recipe for disaster.

It doesn't have to be so.


Our philosophy and vision is to bring back joy of picture taking and sharing for users in the digital age.

NO Single Point of Storage

Like Single Point of Failure (SPOF) is a four letter word in systems architecture, we also believe that storing all your pictures in a single cloud is asking for trouble. Our robust backend services break each image up into multiple parts and store them across Azure, AWS & GCE. Encryption is based on user keys resident on the device and MySecretPix servers.

Its a tough ask for any hacker to build out a coordinated attack against multiple clouds and multiple devices at once.

NO Defaulted Trust

Using ML, our software starts out by not trusting any and all acquaintances and friends. Based on EXIF data and picture analysis, our software gives out a risk number to every picture and every album of a user.

Once the risk score on an album goes beyond a certain threshold, each and every share/ view request on an album or picture by an individual user is authorized by you. You, the model and photographer are always in control.

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

This feature allows people to build trust in each other. Privacy features in the app deny unauthorized access based on physical location and timing.

Even if an owner/ model wants to copy a picture out of a given shared album, he/ she has to obtain permissions from every one of the models/ photographers in the shoot.


Using and inferring common attributes across social profiles, network, time, location and landmarks in the picture, our software generates an organizational structure algorithm much more powerful that could be thought or built through any group of humans.

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