Understanding the goals that the City of San Diego has towards "promise zones," we looked towards developing an application that would promote access to resources and services in promise zones and provide a simple channel for community engagement and development through an easily accessible technology.

What it does

Through the use of Twilio Chatbot and custom Google Maps API and Google Translate API, we created an SMS based chatbot which would allow users to anonymously search for resources like food banks and shelters in their specific zip code. Google Translate API would allow users to interact with this bot in an array of different languages. Finally, queries would be saved out by Twilio and analysed to identify trend queries in a specific zip code and better inform infrastructure development in those regions

How I built it

Using python, Twilio, python-flask, Google APIs and web-application dashboard to analyse data.

Challenges I ran into

Completing the application with limited time and resources.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Managing to complete a functioning real-time minimal viable product

What I learned

There are plenty of opportunities to create simple technology that has a large social impact.

What's next for mySD

Continued development and deployment.

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