Inspiration to come up with such idea is the recent events that have took place in Pakistan, the unfortunate women and girls who sometimes have to face the danger and find no source of help. The tragic stories have implemented an source of fear in them and they are losing the freedom of going out being limited to small boundaries. Those who want to seek more and explore they are being denied of permissions. Parents are worried for the welfare of their daughter who goes out for education or job purpose. People do not realize it but I myself as a girl feel kind of trauma when heard about such violence cases. These cases scares every girl or women on personal basis, making us wonder that is it safe to go out now? with this thoughts we came up with such idea

What it does

Through such type of app, the registered member could see her location and add her family members as emergency contact who would be aware of her current location, the Map in the app could also markup the nearby police stations and at the time of any difficult situation she could also send her current location to trusted number which would be nearby to her. In this way they could travel safe and feel safe, that's why this app could be known as their freedom wing and also the family members could be at ease.

How we built it

we have built some of the features of this app on Android Studio in java language.

Challenges we ran into

The time was limited to build this app and while working virtually and communicating we faced problem with respect to electricity and internet apart from this the versions and dependencies also caused some error which had us difficulty in solving them

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we are proud so at least of initiating such idea for the safety of female which is very necessary, it could be made far better with new features. When such app would be launched then no any women have to question their safety and we would be very proud to live in such safe nation.

What we learned

we learned to brainstorm for new ideas, to work as much we can and be proud of it. Through the sessions of Govtech we gained new knowledge and information about many things which will also help us in future. We had build a sense of confident of doing something new.

What's next for GoSafe

Many more advance features, designs, innovations and improvement

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