It's based on an idea that I got with what to do with information that I gather when I am in job search mode. To save it for the next time that I enter job search mode, and to interact with that information in a more automated way.

How it works

You sign up. After you sign up, you forward any email that is a "job lead" to (this email address is not final). After a while, you log back on to myresumator, and you have now those messages, that you forwarded, in your Messages view. You have entered a copy of those messages into your myresumator workflow... which lets you create contact information cards, notes, and appointments, and other stuff like share gigs, send your resume to, and more. It is like forwarding an email to your buddy/analyzer.

Challenges I ran into

I was too quick to move into some new boilerplate code that I spotted... ended up almost having to start over. Sometimes it's better to grow into what's left that's needed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being a close part of my family.

What I learned

Can't ever do enough up-front planning. Go into it, and make changes when you get there.

What's next for MyResumator

Keep updating this submission. There is a lot of stuff that I'm still working on (i think receipt parsing fits perfectly), and I'm open to feedback. The url is the preview url. The final is going to be

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posted an update

Hi! The first part of creating your resume is functional. I am using it now, and I added a screenshot to this devpost project page. To check it out, create a login, then follow the prompts to create profile. Profile info is used in your resume. After you create some gigs... (if you put in test data, then make it kind of real length-wise so your test res looks good)... After you create some gigs, click on Preview under Experiece menu...

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