Create an intelligent screening agent / answering system we call MyReceptionist that prevents unwanted and illegal robocalls from ringing through.

Method Summary:

Our proposal limits the ability of illegal robocallers to reach their intended targets by requiring certain information they are unlikely to provide, such as their names and the names of the people they are calling.  Even if this information is provided and accurate, first-time callers will be sent directly to the "screening mode" rather than the "ringing mode," giving the receiver the option of answering or not.

Previous callers whose name or number MyReceptionist recognizes and have been previously allowed will be permitted to ring the telephone, with their name being announced in between rings.  The voice will either be that of the caller, that of the recipient, or a synthesized voice if no recording of the person's name has been entered (as may be the case for text entries in an address book).

Implementation of MyReceptionist may take multiple forms.  It may be an answering machine attached to a land line.  It may be a service offered by the telephone carrier.  Or, it may be an app or firmware on a mobile phone.  It could also be a combination of these things.  For the purposes of illustration, we will assume that MyReceptionist is an intelligent answering machine, and save the discussion of how this would differ if offered as a voicemail service or mobile app for later.  We will also discuss how different implementations might interact and support one another.

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