My mom always carries around hundreds of receipts in her handbag - the receipts were ripped, crinkled, cluttered, and unorganized. She would frequently misplace them and would never be able to remember when she would be able to return any purchased items. This is the story we heard from voices across America. The common problem was that it extremely difficult to organize the receipts and keep track of purchases and expenses. So we wanted to develop a solution.

What it does

myReceipts is an iOS application that allows users to conveniently track their receipts and receipt data. Users can take pictures of their receipts and the application will create a scanned image of the receipt, then use optical character recognition technology to extract text from the images, then parse through the data and allot it in the respective fields. Users also receive notifications about days remaining for items they want to return. If users have trouble with their phone camera or the receipt is in poor quality, they can simply enter all the data on the receipt manually instead of taking pictures of it.

How we built it

Swift, Tesseract OCR, OpenCV, Firebase, XCode

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges include the optical character technology, especially because receipts inherently have problems that are difficult to overcome - they are printed on thermal paper, have a large amount of dense text, formats vary from receipt to receipt, and its structure is anywhere between tabular and freeform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Cool tech

What we learned

Tesseract, UI design, Firebase

What's next for myReceipts

We plan to integrate our mobile application with businesses and stores across the nation - customers will be able to receive their receipts electronically and be able to view/return items with this receipt through this mobile application. We also plan on doing the same for bank statements, legal records, and other text documents.

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