As a young, busy woman who loves to read, I soon came into awareness of the lack of technology to provide seamless and feasible ways to get the 'best read' books on the go. Thus, I came up with the idea of MyReads, an interactive web platform that serves to cater the best of books, based on aggregated public ratings, towards the user. Based on his or her mood and age ranger, the user is provided with a list of books, through Google's Book API, that displays a preview, lists relevant information (such as the ISBN), and links, at click, to a site where the book can be purchased or checked out at a local library.

Challenges I Faced

Working alone was not an easy feat. However, that seemed to be the least of my worries as I encountered an obstacle when trying to set up endpoints with ExpressJS, a language I had to quickly familiar with, and integrated multiple APIs to build up my project. Moreover, I found myself skipping meals and workshops/get togethers to focus on my project and get it completed. Unfortunately, I managed to get it completed, but got 0hrs of sleep.

What I Learned

Through this experience, I learned that the value of hackathon stems not from the prestige of the institution it's held at nor the 'hype' proclaimed at it, but is rather an accumulation of the experience - the people, the interactions, the food... and blessedly, the showers. I have become more emboldened of who I am as a young, minority woman in STEM, all thanks to the many efforts MHacks put in. Not to forget, I learned EmberJS and dug into depth more with NodeJS, AngularJS, and command line tools.

Future Initiatives

In the future, I hope to implement a smoother running platform, clean up some of the codes I have commented out/struggled with, and push the app into the market store.

Seeking Opportunities

I am a determined young woman to enjoys challenges and thrives at them. I love being encouraged to seek and engage in opportunities that further develop my skills and push me to gain new ones. I believe that the most important part of my resume are the activities I am involved in during and after school. From self-studying several languages to holding a variety of leadership positions, I uphold the determination of someone who is passionate about her interests and aspirations, constantly seeking new ways to understand the world in new ways so as to develop more efficient solutions.

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