Inspiration: Our inspiration for the project was the negative stigma against mental health and mental illness in this country, which leaves many struggling with certain illnesses afraid to seek the help that they need.

What it does: MyPsych allows the individual to access the psychological care that they need from the comfort and safety of their own home. The individual will be guided through a serious of modules that will assess their current psychological/mood states. After the module is completed, MyPsych will spit out a cluster of aids, such as videos, articles, pdfs of interventions, that will be able to help them on the journey to feeling better.

How we built it: We built this using Wix as our website base, survey planet, excel as the platform for our database, and motion AI.

Challenges we ran into: We ran into the challenge of figuring out to to sense the emotions of the individual accurately and making sure their needs are attended to.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We are proud that even though we had very little sleep, we had our ID and wallets stolen, unnutrional food, we did a pretty great job.

What we learned: We learned important team building skills, and how to work with others from schools across the country. We learned how to create a single cohesive project utilizing all of the expertise of those in the group.

What's next for MyPsych Online Virtual Psychologist: We hope to develop this into an online database that can help millions of people get the help that they deserve.

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