There is no discipline in medical research today that values patient engagement more than the move toward Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) and patient-centric product development. PRO endpoints in clinical trials are supported by data collected onto specifically designed questionnaires called “instruments” that capture the patient's personal reflections on their health condition, quality of life, and impacts to other aspects of their life such as their ability to work. Traditionally, these instruments were designed and validated to be completed on paper – but paper has many flaws that can be avoided by using the right technology. We developed myPROpad to combine the best aspects of paper – familiarity, portability, ease of use - with the incredible benefits of electronic data collection, and added in many features that enhance the patient’s total trial experience.

Our solution is simple: we take approved and validated paper instruments and convert them into function-rich data collection forms. The patient then completes the transformed assessments on an iPad® using our simple touchscreen interface - or any number of input methods such as video, photo, or audio. Not only are the assessments attractive and fun to complete, but we’ve also incorporated interactive surveys that deliver participation rewards to build investment in the study, educational material with embedded quizzes to reinforce trial information, and access to online media to help entertain. We’ve made study participation interesting and motivating, which ultimately leads to engaged patients who are compliant with study procedures and who provide data that sponsors can rely on to drive advancements in medicine and their business. Patients are at the very heart of ePRO – their voice is what we strive to capture and myPROpad does this brilliantly.

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