Procrastinapp is a web application that analyzes Google Chrome history data and uses the information to tell the user about their procrastination and productivity levels, their most frequently visited sites, and their levels of online usage throughout the day.

The front end of the application is intended to prompt the user for their browser history file, and using the data from the file, present to the user their web browsing habits in relation to productivity. The thought is for the webpage to send the file to the back end, where the file is decrypted, appended to a database, and the information is parsed and analyzed. The python program runs a classification operation where each url is assigned one of twelve categories based on meta description. It then outputs 4 files. These are figures and tables describing the data. It displays daily usage of data, top websites, top categories, and a productivity rate, that has been determined using values obtained in an anonymous survey of college students with the prompt, "Would using a website of category "" be a waste of time?". The participants responded using a 0-4 scale. The average of the answers is used to calculate the procrastination value.

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