Identifying & reaching out to the right audience helps in minimizing wastage in advertisement expenditure. How can we use the data available across platforms and identify consumer profiles (from past purchase history, patterns, behaviours), in order to target only those people who would be most likely to purchase our products? This will help us bring down the cost of acquisition significantly (~75-80%).

What it does

An algorithm to bring down the cost of acquisition across platforms for TATA SAMPANN Manual free sales using salesman in top notch stores and registering their feedback

Dispatching packages to the shop seller to record the sales fashion breaking sales profit for initial momentum

Installing cameras for customer based marketing

Providing Redirection to tata sampan website by providing free delivery of the first product

Detecting targeting segment conversion rate using backend analytics

Carrying out Targeted marketing depending on the Analytics report

Conclude on the demand and supply to respective stores.

How we built it

Python Opencv Xcode

Challenges we ran into

Privacy issues regarding acquisition of customer mobile number

Built With

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