Creating a real-time Artificial Intelligence engine that can predict the future opportunities to optimize one’s chances in his/her career. This will increase the current employment rate in the Indian market thus raising the market pitch. The machine learning ability of our engine will improve the test basis for development of every user. Our engine will improve the test basis for the development of every user on the current market analyses with his/her personality and skills tested on a regular basis through Gamification. A very new concept of Social scoring is introduced here to analyze all the social media accounts of the user in order to arrive at a social score which shall intend reflect the personality. We are expecting to launch the lite version as soon as in 3 months after the initialization. Within Six months our engine will be able to optimize almost all the unemployment issues and provide the right solution.


The global Skill Gap is one of the major problems all over the world. The Students have no clear vision of what stream is to be taken. Not everyone knows the right college for the best enhancement on their skills that they are best at, due to the lack of information on the college’s specialization. Some students don’t even know the various options available in their respective streams due to the limited syllabus in their respective colleges. Lack of assistance over the skills required to pursue the dream job in order to earn the desired career. Though there are various online websites providing career guidance based on

various tests, there is no one as such to provide the best fit in accordance with Social profiles showing the true personality, skill enhancement tests , Current market opportunities based guidance and Channelization of the job opportunities to the developing professionals. Though there are many job opportunities in the market there is lack of appropriate qualified person to do that job. Hence this is what we have decided to change by providing the right career consultancy with respect to the scope of the latest technologies and the current job opportunities


We are creating a real-time Artificial Intelligence bot that can assess the current job opportunities and also predict the future opportunities in various fields in order to provide optimization of one’s chances in his/her career, For which a periodic series of Psychometric career tests, Social Profiling and Technical skill tests for all levels to scientifically & holistically access student’s interests, aptitude, motivation and personality and match it along with multiple job opportunities currently present in the market that best suits his / her career. Our tie-ups with various institutions shall enable student to learn additional courses for enhancing growth in their career. We shall also be providing the best advises and guidance on the various options available in that particular field of interest for enhancing the career growth throughout life. We facilitate students to excel in the field that they are good at right from College studies (UG/PG) by planning with the help of unbiased career counseling services. Student’s questions and on-demand Instant expert backed career advises to all career queries. We assist students to choose the best university\institution that ranks well in their selected field of interest which would help them shine in their career. Periodic updates on all the advancements taking place around the world on that particular career field will be enforced for better scope of growth.

What's next for MyProBuddy

Initially the product focuses on Engineering Students which intend is expected to address everyone right from middle school by the end of second year. In the initial months i.e..within 3 months, the initial team is got in place and complete key validation is done. At the end of Month 6, the key hiring is completed and the LITE version of the App is released. Here we expect to make at least seven thousand sign ups. At the end of month 12, The PRIME version of the App is launched and the firm focuses on aggressive Marketing. Within 18 months the technology team shall carry out Product enhancement to address all student category. And we expect to break even our investment in the end of month 18. We shall initiate a minimum of ten lakh sign ups at the end of month 20. In the end of the Second year the App will also address the Professionals. Once the complete Product Enhancement is completed the Service will be established all over INDIA in order to serve the best fit to one and all in India. We believe that "Until there is Greed and Emotions in the world, we have an everlasting market and high growth ratios".

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