Twitter-like but only with Audio Funny voice effects inspired by FaceApp filters Social network reactions but only with audio (claps, boos and laughs)

What it does

MyPodium is an audio only social network that is designed for users to share their short audios/speeches with their audience. The audience can react with applauses, laughs or boos. Those reactions are mixed and played after the audio with the volume according to the number of applauses, boos or laughs.

How I built it

Using react, wavesurfer-js, blockstack/radiks

Challenges I ran into

Few libraries were available for voice effects.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a MVP with the most important features despite the limited time available

What I learned

Manipulating audio using Javascript

What's next for MyPodium

  • Mobile Apps (experience to share similar to Whatsapp recording)
  • Private Profile (with e2e encryption)
  • More social features (follow, reply, etc)
  • Add more and improve voice effects/reactions
  • Live audio broadcasting with real-time reactions with exclusive paid reactions like yelling during the broadcast =)

Built With

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