Life got so busy that I didn't even realize that my succulents were dying. So I decided to make something that would help remind me to water them...

What it does

myPlantMonitor regulates soil moisture levels to alert users about watering their plant as well as plant movement. The plant pot is mounted on a car (controlled by myPlantMonitor) that will move the plant closer towards sunlight.

How we built it

Incremental testing. Tested all of the sensors individually before moving on to employ the feedback control loop before setting up the HTML web server.

Challenges we ran into

Running two programs, feedback control, and web server setup/refresh, concurrently.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Somewhat working feedback control loop that automatically moves plant car closer to direction of sunlight based off of light sensor readings

What we learned

Always read documentation and tutorials thoroughly before starting on project Don't assume that sensors will work with the provided code

What's next for myPlantMonitor

Fine-tune the PID control loop for plant movement Cloud-connected moisture sensor to send messages to user reminding them to water plant
Make functional Manual/Auto Plant movement buttons on the website
More sensors (temperature/humidity, etc.) Use these stats to create a database recording, tracking, and predicting plant's health.

Built With

  • c/c++
  • energia
  • feedback
  • html
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