An IoT notifications platform.

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MyPiNotify is a painless notification system for RasberryPi IOT devices. Installation consists of entering your wifi credentials into our app, then MyPiNotify does the hard work, it creates a custom Rasberry Pi Image for you with networking enabled. Flash this onto your PI and you are good to go.

Pi Project:

Pi Project

Pi Project


Currently the system runs two sensors, but the possibilities are endless. Sensors are hot swappable so there is no need to flash a new rom when adding or removing a sensor.

Capacitive Touch Sensor

  • Notifies you when its being pressed.

Touch Sensor:

Touch Sensor

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

  • Notifies you when something comes within 10 cm of it
  • Can accurately detect objects up to 1m from the sensor

Motion Sensor:

Motion Sensor

Screenshots of the Application

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Home Page

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Team Page

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Contact Page


  • Andrei
  • Brynn
  • Dominique
  • Jake
  • Jordan

Created for NWHacks 2017

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posted an update

I was responsible for deployment to amazon web services, database design and login system. I integrated Facebook and, started a 2 node cockroach db cluster as well as contributing the database queries that power our API.

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