Idea origin

Amidst this condition of covid-19 when the whole world is on pause and everything so going virtual we need to take the medical sector also to digital world. Some of the diseases can be detected with help of data fed question surve and the system can inform the users about the percentage of disease.Online testing of certain conditions so that they don’t have to go to hospital - ex. Online Parkinson’s test (there’s some data on typing speed, etc. for parkinson’s patients), online vision test, cognitive test, etc. Would be useful for progressive conditions like dementia, parkinson’s, muscular dystrophy, etc. because they get worse over time Dementia and parkinson’s in particular would be interesting since they are generally in older people who would be more susceptible to COVID and it would be better for them to stay out of hospitals .

It provides a platform to test diseases online with the help of some questions fed into it. We built it by making a webapp and giving a probability system to make a test of probability of disease.

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