MyOwnTherapy leverages the sophisticated sensors of the Myo to help provide a unique physical therapy experience. The Myo contains electromyography sensors that allow it to detect the activation of muscles. This is combined with the process of biofeedback, where the patient receives immediate visual feedback about their performance, a technique which has shown to improve the speed and efficacy of physical therapy. This combined with a fun game helps encourage the patient to enjoy their physical therapy process, which will allow the process to be quicker.

Our system offers 3 modes of training. The first mode encourages muscles in rest to relax more fully. The second mode encourages increasing the contraction strength and speed of a muscle. The last mode encourages a more fine control of the muscle. These training modes are implemented as games similar to the game "Flappy Bird". The data collected by the sensors during the test is processed to remove noise and be able to track changes over time. This data is uploaded online for a physician to track their physical therapy process.

MyOwnTherapy provides an inexpensive, non-intrusive, and independent approach to physical therapy. Tests can be conducted at home with minimal training with a $200 device as opposed to using expensive and intrusive equipment to measure this data. The unique combination of independence, simplicity, and effectiveness allows MyOwnTherapy to be a great new approach to physical therapy.

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