As people who enjoy games, we wanted to create a unique, more interactive gameplay experience compared to the more conventional gameplay experience. That's why we decided to create MYOwnRPG (or yours, we guess!)

What it does

MYOwnRPG at its core is a java application that accepts the user input of a MYO armband, allowing a user to sit back, and enjoy a game they created themselves. There's colour customization, the storyline can be one of your own concoction, and you get to choose what moves / minigames / challenges the player gets, MYOwnRPG allows the user to input their desired options and make thier "Own" game. There's a huge library of instances already running, but a user can make their own!

How we built it

MYOwnRPG is a two-stage application, that was made both online and offline. The online component includes a working registration, with Vue.js as a front-end and Node.js as a back-end. The game component is entirely on javascript, and once you've logged into the website and chosen a game, you can enter a text file to the game to play the game you made!

Challenges we ran into

Authentication was really challenging, and working with Vue.js for the very first time proved difficult to say the least. In java, since we were more experienced, it was much easier to make the app, but formatting and error handling was also super tricky.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're definitely proud we got a working game generation going, as well as a fully working and secure login system. The java game itself works great, and we used the MYO armband successfully. That's definitely a win!

What we learned

We learned to work with a Front End, Back-End, and really great project management! First timers with Vue, node, and we also worked with two hackers whose first hackathon it was!

What's next for MYOwnRPG

The number one next thing is expanding market! This can be a great education tool for young kids, with parents making interactive stories and a fun time!

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