We really like playing with hardware, so we spent a long time playing with it on Friday night. There was lots of cool stuff around-- and it was all open for us to build with! We wanted to be able to build something useful, which would take the hardware we're developing for and create from a tool that increases your general life productivity. This is when we landed on MyoU. We often use YouTube to watch cooking clips, dance lessons, music lessons, and academic tutorials. It's always really peeved us that we couldn't comfortably take notes while watching (because the tutor is always too fast), we couldn't properly cook alongside the instructor (because we're holding a hot, oily frying pan), and we couldn't try the chords along with the lesson (because we constantly needed to pause and replay parts of the clip). The MyoU lets us pause, replay parts, fast-forward and volume-control every video we watch without having to move to and from the computer all the time. We believe we build a tool that will really change the way people interact with their computers in the future.

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