The Myo is a great product, but it mostly circles around hacker communities. I asked myself what could be done to change this and so, I thought of the consumer. After all, it is the consumer and not the developer that drives the market. I realized that, above all else, consumers love to be connected. In the 21st century, social integration is a prerequisite for any product. And that was how myossage was born. It was created to create a powerful fusion of hardware and communication.

What it does

Myossage leverages the data that the Myo makes it available and uses it to create a wearable communication device. It can communicate via email or over text.

How I built it

I built this application in C++ and python. The motion processing was done in C++ and the interactions with APIs were done in Python. The Twilio API was used to send texts and the SendGrid API was used to send emails. The Myo is a forearm motion sensor built by Thalmic labs.

Challenges I ran into

One of my biggest challenges was recreating the alphabet. I needed the letters users were drawing to be identifiable by the Myo, but I also needed users to be able to take advantage of the app without training or practice. I solved this by getting rid of the notion of traditional drawing on paper. Now when the user draws a letter, each stroke is considered indpendently and then identified as a letter. A stroke can be a yaw stroke, a pitch stroke, or a roll stroke. I also had trouble making API calls from C++. I solved this problem by writing python scripts which handled the HTTP request. The C++ simply called on these python scripts.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of truly learning C++ at this hackathon. I've never gone far with the language before and had to spend a fair amount of Saturday transforming my Java knowledge into C++ knowledge. I am also proud of this being my first hardware hack. I traditionalLY deal with software but now I add the additional element of the real world. I am proud of being able to finish an app and still have fun at the hackathon, rather than sacrificing one for another.

What I learned

I learned C++ and that information from real time sensors may not always be reliable.

What's next for myossage

The next stages for myossage include a means of varying the recipeint of the message. This will simply involve and hand gesture which demarcates the sender field from the body field. From there myossage would benefit optimizing calculations so transcritption can be more reliable. And then, myossage may be ready for market!

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