Being a music minor, I've always been driven towards different ways of creating music. The goal was to use an interface to mock a loop pedal used by live artists performing solo.

What it does

The concept is to use MYO to create a virtual loop pedal with multiple instruments.

How I built it

Initially I was trying to build it as a VR project, but since the facility backfired, I switched to leap motion and due to limitations of accessiblity of working plane. I switched to MYO. I used python back end to program a command line program that would do the same for MYO.

Challenges I ran into

Some hardware issues with respect to compatibility. Also, ran into a lot of space related issues with respect to leap controllers. But I'm definitley investing in a leap controller and creating what I visioned.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Problem solving with respect to creating the MYOcontroller for Audacity which helps in creating a loop layer.

What I learned

Learned more about hardwares avaiable and how different back end programs work. Learned a lot about the gesturing technology of both MYO and Leap. Both are definitely my favorites.

What's next for MyoRecord

Definitely finishing up with multiple instruments.

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