Our initial idea was to create a password manager on a flash drive which could be unlocked using a series of gestures. After going to the Microsoft presentation and speaking to several mentors we decided to host our database as a mobile service with azure

How it works

The myo armband executes a command which launches our program. Our program reads the clip-board and finds the url in the database. The user is given an amount of time to select the username field and the program auto-fills the username and password and hits enter.

Challenges I ran into

Everything we did was written in languages we had no knowledge of previously. We also had no experience interacting with azure which caused problems.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It worked! It took a very long time but we managed to figure everything out.

What I learned

A lot about C#, azure, and the myo armband.

What's next for MyoPass

Lots of cleaning up and encryption.

Built With

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