Physiotherapy is one of the quintessential things to do while recovering from an injury. Usually, its just patients trying to do rigorous exercises that probably redundant and boring and as a result infuriates them. Team MYOnnaise aims to provide a solution to eradicate this problem.

What it does

The hack is the culmination of a web application and a hardware based hack. It uses a MYO armband as a connection between motion and gaming. The EMG sensors pick up subtle hand gestures which are then translated into commands within a game. The game itself is a very natural plat-former with support for two characters (and two armbands!). The main point is to assist people undergoing rehabilitation in parts of the arm. The contraction and expansion of certain muscle groups associated with the gestures help accelerate this process!

How we built it

We brainstormed for about 2 hours to scope out all possible features of the product. We used the MYO armband and its Javascript modules along with Node.js as a back-end to handle server management. The armband itself gave gesture data which we customized to our specific needs. Different layouts and views were used for the different sections of the game and everything from start to finish can be done using gestures!

Challenges we ran into

The first big challenge we ran into was to get the MYO armband to accept custom gestures. We had to handle orientation data from the gyroscopes and accelerometers and use these to achieve our goals. Since the input for the game is not as simple as a key stroke, getting the characters to move as required posed a different challenge than what we were used to. The user interfaces were also to be accessed with gestures so this added that additional task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of the fact that we were able to get a good working model of an interactive-gaming-rehabilitation-system. Another thing that we are proud of is the amount of effort we put into human-centered designs. We even went to the depths of consulting a professional physiotherapist to get feedback on if our methods would be effective. Most of all, we are proud that we were able to utilize new technology for the greater good.

What we learned

This was the first time we used the MYO armband and we were excited to see how it would pan out with the theme of the hackathon. It was a hard route to get the armband working with all of the other applications, but by the end of it we were glad we learned it all. We also learned how to program and integrate common gaming ideologies with motion sensing concepts.

What's next for MYOnnaise

The next steps for MYOnnaise will be to incorporate a database (probably MongoDB) to store the EMG information from the MYO armband so that it can serve as data to doctors and nurses who will be helping the user get through his / her injury. Another step will be to implement more custom gestures / expand on the existing game to cater to specific needs.

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