Our Story

The idea behind Myonnaise goes back to the chaotic and hectic times of first year coding class, where the helpless Windows user becomes swamped by tides upon tides of cluttered windows, and impossible-to-navigate trains of tabs, pop-ups, and tasks. It became obvious to us that there needed to be a system we can call upon at any moment to help us get to where we want, and view a plethora of information at our fingertips. Thus, the Myonnaise was born: a sleek and stylish overlay context menu that allows the user to easily navigate to where they want, or perform various actions, such as launching another application, changing a setting, or performing a program-specific task. This comes into fruition through the groundbreaking gesture recognition features of the Myo armband.

Our Target

The target of Myonnaise is simple: ourselves. Myonnaise was born out of our own need to become more efficient and organized. Anyone else who has shared our troubles also shares the belonging of being in the target group of Myonnaise.


  • Can be summoned from anywhere from the background by performing a simple Myo gesture.
  • Navigation can be done through Myo gestures or keyboard keys.


  • Easily customized menu interface
  • Menu items that change depending on the context of their summon
  • Be able to quickly switch between apps

Built With

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