How cool would it be if you could raise your arm towards any device in your house, and with a flick of your wrist impose your will upon it? The connected household is the way of the fast-approaching future - but there are some challenges. How do you integrate new bluetooth/wifi enabled 'smart' devices and appliances with your old tube TB sitting in the basement? Apart from upgrading every appliance and device to the latest and greatest, there is currently no practical way to seamlessly connect and control your home's technological army.

Our solution, intended for those who wish to get a head-start on the future of connected household technology, utilizes the Myo and pre-existing infra-red technology to bridge the gap of modern and not-so-modern technology for the specific purpose of gesture control.

Our hacked proof of concept utilizes a Myo, an android phone, and an arduino. The Arduino: The hardware side of things include a bluetooth enabled arduino with an IR blaster and an IR receiver. The receiver allows the user to record the IR signal that is sent from a current remote. This signal is assigned to a gesture and repeated via the blaster when the gesture is performed.

The Myo: Simply put, the Myo provides the gesture control capabilities to the project.

The Phone: For the purposes of this hack, the phone acts as the middleman between the phone and the Myo. The phone watches for various gestures and coordinates the bluetooth connections.

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