This program is ideally made for cars as an alternative to using voice commands, considering their inaccuracy at times.... and considering the fact that some people do not have the ability to speak, or are incapable of speaking while driving.

Through either morse code or the on screen keyboard, you can send text messages to anyone, using myomessenger. After improvement on user experience, this can become a staple for in-car technology. Eventually, as myo technology improves, we may even be able to trace letters with our fingers in order to send the messages.

Currently, the application lets you send messages simply by flexing your fist, which would be on the steering wheel, to send morse signals. The alternative rotary keyboard style is simply an easier alternative for those who do not know morse code, however it does distract while driving and is not advisable to use unless stationary.

The original intent of this application was to simply give a better alternative to voice typing in the car, however it has evolved into more than that, opening doors for everyone, include everyone from those who are mute, to those who own cars.

Why Myo? My whole high school career, I've been around software.... I'm a high school student in a Computer Science Academy. The reason I immediately went to the Myo armband, is that I wanted to learn as much about it as I could, because it is technology that has, and will change our generation.

Web portion built using python and Flask. (First webapp) Front end built using myo armband with the script written in Lua. Hosted on Linode

For the myo lua file please see this repository:

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