The types of apps and technologies that make a substantial impact on the world around us are the ones we strive for in terms of purpose. What greater way to utilize this ideology than to do a hardware hack that integrates programming, electricity, health and biology. Our target audience is the developing medical care workers of our future as well as the people suffering from their given disposition as we are attempting to effectively produce advanced bio-medical technology at fractions of the industry cost. Our cardboard bionic arm developed with Myo Band and Arduino successfully fulfilled its intended purpose of clasping and lifting objects by using muscle contractions from the Myo Band sensors integrating thermistor (temperature sensor feedback). This allows people with prosthetic hands/arms to get a cheaper, more intuitive solution to their situations with our given prototype. The plan for advancement is to create an open source software where anyone can create and share their designs, as well as increasing quality of material while maintaining low cost (3D Printing). No matter the outcome, we have been extremely proud of our great teamwork, problem-solving methods, work ethic and ability to make the best out of the worst of conditions (as material quality were a big setback we have faced). All in all, we hope that our work and ideas may get some recognition to further develop ourselves as we integrate ourselves into this extremely fast paced society

Thanks, Himel Mondal, Atilla Saadat, Vasav Shah, Ahmad Kashash

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