Imagine that you're an aspiring artist, and one day, a brilliant idea comes to your mind. You really want to draw out that image, but you have no access to paper, pens, brushes, paint, or canvas. However, you do have a pair of Myo Armbands. Well then, have no fear. MyoCanvas allows you to draw and record your ideas anytime, anywhere. With one arm controlling the cursor and the other arm selecting different menu options, its precision is unmatched by any other remote drawing tool. You can create your art in free space with the cursor acting as your paintbrush in a newly designed, simple drawing program. With many colours to choose from, and access to different line thicknesses and an eraser, the program is easy to use with an elegant and simple UI, and personalized calibration allowing the artist to draw with comfort and ease.

(We will be using our own computer for the demonstration.)

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