Explore Google's Street View in virtual reality with Google Cardboard and navigate through the world with a Myo.

Our Story

Google Street View is a fun way to explore the world through the comfort of your own room. With our app, MyObserver, users are immersed in the streets of Google Maps and virtually visit places. We created a simple yet useful app that adds a new dimension to the traditional use of Google Street View.

MyObserver is an iOS app that allows users to interact with Google Street View using Google Cardboard. The user can also zoom in and out using a Myo device.

Powered By:

Swift, IOS, Google Cardboard, Google Maps, Thalmic Myo, MHacks V, and Major League Hacking.

Myo Controls

Navigation: Swing Arm Horizontally.

Right: Forwards | Left: Backwards

Zoom: Fist to activate, rotate arm to zoom, drop arm to stop.

CW: Zoom in | CCW: Zoom Out

About Us

Neil Chen : Townsend Harris High School | IOS, Swift Jack Cook : Bronx High School of Science | Myo Tim Hung : Binghamton University | Myo, Graphic Design Ibnat Iqbal : Townsend Harris High School | Placeholder Vicki Long : Bronx High School of Science | Android

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