Our inspiration came from wanting to do something new and different, yet familiar to us, and really to just play with the coolest piece of hardware.

What it does

Using the innovative hands free tech of the Myo band, we created a beer pong client that anyone can use.

How I built it

We created the project using the Unity game dev software. We've never used it before so we practically had to rely on documentation and tutorials online as well.

Challenges I ran into

Haa. The fact that we were so new to Unity and Myo forced us to climb the learning curve pretty fast. There were several other technical roadbumps that we either avoided or compromised on.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The fact that we pulled something unique and innovative together without much experience.

What I learned

Myo and Unity! and teamwork!

What's next for MyoBP

The next big challenge!

Built With

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