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A space for innovative human-computer interfacing via Myo. Scripts written in Lua, reliant on the C library provided by Thalmic Labs.

This is an improved browser designed to work with the Myo band. Makes it easier to go through windows or items and actually browse the internet. Made by team Bushwick Off Rails.

The idea behind this script is to make Myo's hand commands more intuitive and user friendly. Currently Myo has 7 "main" poses (Rest, Fist, Wave In, Wave Out, Fingers Spread, Double Tap, and Unknown) plus 3 modifications (Roll, Pitch, Yaw). Current commands either rely on one of the poses, or then a combination. For example, changing Volume = Pose 2 + Roll in either direction across the X axis (depending on whether you wish to turn it up or down). Making the main menu appear is a combo of Pose 1 + Pitch in Up direction + Pose 2 + Pitch Down + Pose 1.

We have re-assigned certain functionality to poses that better correspond with their use. For example Pose 4 will no longer use "wave out" to move forward across a Browser, as that's not a very useful function, rather it will trigger a "tab" command (since a common occurrence is that when a user wishes to explore a webpage, merely using the forward function will cause the system to place you in the text box and not actually go anywhere), then Pose 5 Fingers Spread has been re-programmed to now mean "Enter" making it easier to navigate forward when intended. Additionally, the auto-lock function has been turned off and moved to "Hold" which allows the user to lock and unlock the Myo band as needed (using the Double Tap move), rather than relying on the 2-second auto lock function which was extremely frustrating for users who are using this for a leisurely browsing experience.

Still working on adding pop-up messages like "alerts" that appear in the middle of screen that would indicate to a beginner user that their commands have been received. We have re-named the poses with more user friendly names (currently a small circle appears on bottom right corner with a small image showing the current pose), and would like to be able to display this prominently in the middle of the screen -- flashing a message for a few seconds -- so that the user knows that his or her command has been received and is being processed (or is able to quickly notice if the wrong/unintended command has been sent). This functionality could have a beginner and advanced mode, which would impact the size and positioning of said alerts.

Also working on adding a functionality to CLOSE windows by using a custom motion combo-- possibly a "Punch forward" or "Karate Chop" motion-- since currently a user can open many windows but it's impossible to close any easily using just the Myo. Only way is manually, or then using Myo to activate the mouse (which incidentally is tiny and incredible difficult to control). Otherwise the browser becomes littered with tiny window tabs and very difficult to navigate remotely. In a later version we hope to also figure out how to change the default size and settings of the mouse while using the web browser, so that users could actually activate a giant sized mouse pointer and use it when needed.

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