When Professional Athletes become injured, they must go through physical therapy to recover. Most of the time this requires hours of supervision from a physical therapist to ensure that they are making progress in their recovery and preventing them from re-injuring themselves in the process. We wanted to come up with a cheaper and more readily available option that can be done from home.

What it does

We created a system that is able to track arm movements such as raises and rotations and edits the state of an LED bar based on these movements. Different movements effect change different visual properties of the LED's such as color, brightness and number lit. Using these, a Doctor or therapist could prescribe certain motions for the athlete to do and specify the extent by the desired state of the LED's. In addition, they can set limits to the movements the athlete should use to prevent re-injury. The athlete can then use the LED bar as feedback to go through their physical therapy ensuring that it is done properly and without requiring the constant presence of a physical therapist.

How we built it

We used a Myo Armband to track the arm movements and hand gestures. This information is sent through Bluetooth to a laptop and is processed using a software language called Processing. We choose this language because we were able to create algorithms to allow us to interface and extract information from the Myo. This information was then compared with the set limits for the therapy and the resulting information was then sent to the Arduino to change the LED bar.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out how the Myo worked and trying to access the raw data. Communicating over multiple serial ports. Although we worked with serial ports we didn't get cereal during the Hackathon. :( Tricks aren't just for kids. Working with the library for the LP8806 LED's.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The team name is clever

What we learned

How to use the Myo Armband Extracting and sending accelerometer, gyroscope and position data over serial ports. How to use LED's

What's next for [Myo]wn Therapy

Mass producing this for all athletes and consumers as a cost effective method to ensure proper form while going through physical therapy.

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