Authors: Peter Stakoun, Kevin Shen, Stephen Zhao, Marcel O'Neil

MyoRPG is an integration of the Myo with an elementary, web-based RPG game.

The inspiration for MyoRPG came when Peter became frustrated about the lack of ideas going around the table at the start of the hackathon. He proceeded to threaten to slap someone in his frustration. We compromised and agreed to make a game so Peter can slap people virtually. We figured we needed arm movement to map the arm actions to the game, which was a web app. In this game, called MyoRPG, you will be a "character" and kill enemies by executing actions with Myo (atleast that's how it's supposed to work in theory).

Our game is hosted on Heroku and we used the Myo.js library instead of using the native Myo SDK. We coordinated efforts using Github, a version control software that allowed collaboration between multiple developers. Myo.js proved challenging as we had to manually sweep search pages of documentation to find help. Eventually by lunch we had mapped all the action including fist, spread, right wave and left wave onto the web app.

After lunch, we began designing the game logic and graphics which in all honestly was so much easier than configuring Myo. The game proved just as amusing to play as watching Peter rage after attempting to sync the Myo.

We admit that the game could be optimized further as the Myo is still crude in detecting actions (it will sometimes mistaken a spread as a fist). However, give our time constraint, we've made remarkable progress at developing the game.

We are definitely impressed at our results and we believe that this game is perfect to relieve stress and to provide some quick entertainment, especially after hacking for hours upon hours without rest.

Contribution by group members:

  1. Kevin Shen: Created and managed Github repository and Heroku deployment. Coordinated project efforts.

  2. Peter Stakoun: Developed the backend and various Javascript components that facilitates the deployment of the Node.js server.

  3. Marcel O'Neil: Primary frontend developer who created web HTML and CSS structure to contribute to the game's appearance and user interface.

  4. Stephen Zhao: UI/UX desginer who is responsible for user interface design and user experience with the Myo.

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