When we got to HeroHacks, we had a ton of ideas however, we knew that we wanted to use the Myo controller. Out of all the ideas, we decided to go with the Myo Music Mixer project because we personally thought it would be the most fun to make. As this was Ashanks first hackathon, we did not have much experience with coding however, over the course of the hackathon he learned and coded quite a bit. Aakash used assets (images/music) that Ashank found online and put them together into this fluid web application.

We are most proud of the Myo/Leap integration. It was hard using both of the loops especially since the stack usually reached it's limit (a.k.a, it crashed all the time). Eventually, after much perseverance, we managed to get both the Myo and Leap working in the same application asynchronously. Another feature we are proud of us actually getting the Myo Javascript sdk working because there was not too much documentation to work with. We based our entire application on one single line output that was given to us in the Github repository.

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