Classic games like Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution.

What it does

Features a game similar to GH/DDR that can be controlled using gestures from two Myos. The game has 4 buttons corresponding to swipe up and swipe down of the left myo and swipe up and swipe down of the right myo. Also features a playable piano with 8 keys that can be played with the same gestures. (Left Myo controls C-F, right Myo controls G-C).

How I built it

Uses Myo.js for the Myo events, Angular.js for part of the front-end, and the dirtiest javascript you've seen controlling the game logic. Also bootstrap and jquery.

Challenges I ran into

Transcribing songs and syncing the notes with the song is a pain in the ass. Dealing with my dirty code is a pain in the ass. Myo gestures are a pain in the ass. The Myo is a pain in the ass.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We made basic guitar hero for Myo. You can actually play it with gestures, but only if the Myo gods bless you with both Myos synced and warmed up.

What I learned

Myos are not meant for quick detection of gestures. I write dirty javascript. I should learn Backbone.

What's next for Myo Music

Transcribe the entire Through the Fire and Flames song onto it so I can play Guitar Hero on PC.

Built With

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