Learning how to to be fit is challenging and often, more times than not, quite intimidating for the average beginner. Not only are many people afraid of going to the gym, but many also don't find it feasible to hire a personal trainer who can guide them through the fitness process. Myo Lift was created to help users gain a thorough understanding of fitness in the comfort of their own homes by using the Myo arm band to track the users' movements.

What it does

Myo Lift is an app that allows users to customize their fitness journey, track their form and compare it to an Augment Reality version of a personal trainer featured on the app.

How we built it

We built Myo Lift using Visual Studio, Xcode, and Invision. Visual Studio was used to connect data retrieved from the Myo armband and track movements, Xcode was used to implement AR, and Invision was used to create a prototype of the mobile app.

Challenges we ran into

As AR is still a growing component that developers are choosing to use nowadays, the types of tools and options Xcode offers are still limited. For instance, the group had to stick to using the back camera instead of the front camera because of the limited resources available to enable object recognition.

Another challenge we experience was the lack of documentation of Myo Armband. As Myo Armband was a recently developed item, and not many developers have used it, there is a lack of code available for reference and understanding how to use the Myo Armband SDK. We decided to base our SDK on the "Hello Myo" SDK that Myo provides.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have created an application that tackles an issue that not only a limited group of people can relate to, but rather, a problem that majority of us have gone through at some point in our lives.
Through this short period of time, we challenged ourselves to dig into other components that we were unfamiliar with such as Augmented Reality, Myo Armband connections, and specific API usage. Essentially, we wanted to maximize the user's experience as much as possible.

What we learned

We learned how to implement AR into an IOS app, retrieve data from the Myo armband movements, and develop a product using the Myo armband. All of us had never developed anything with the Myo armband or with AR before.

What's next for Myo Lift

Since the Myo armband can only track upper body exercises, we're hoping to create a device that will enable users to track their lower body and leg workouts. Furthermore, but we are looking to use 3D object recognition with AR tools in order to outline the shape of the user and properly process if their fitness form is fundamentally correct. When the application identifies the position that the user is in, it will be able to compare the data to its pre-existing knowledge of what a proper workout form should look out and inform the user if they are doing the motion correctly or not.

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