We started this hackathon building an air hockey table. The controls for the table were through a leap motion. The table itself had two sets of servos on both sides of the table hooked up to arms that were lasercut out of balsa. Unfortunately, our dynamixel servos started giving us trouble during implementation and eventually became unresponsive. We were forced to change our project

Myo Leap Kart

As a way to stay in the game, we chose to use our experience with developing on the leap and create a way to play mario kart with your arms and hands. The Leap watches your hands to drive the kart while your other arm wearing a Myo deploys items, drifts, and any other button needed to play mario kart double dash. The game is a blast. We've faced lots of pesky issues with Myo and getting key presses to reliably register inside the gamecube emulator (as opposed to printing letters in notepad).

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