We've always loved fighting games, and at one point or another we've all dreamed of playing in our own as the hero. Now with our Myo hack, you can!

Move, jump, punch, kick, and combo your way to victory. Or you can flail, which is the real life equivalent of button mashing.

We decided that the Myo bands would be perfect for this and used it in ways it wasn't originally meant to be (on your legs too!) to create a real life Street Fighter experience!

We have a 2-player mode as well, but because we only have 2 myos, the 2 player is limited to punches alone among friends. So the more myos, the more fun!

Also have been devising an "event" based library based on high changes to any of the myo's sensors in order to easily map desired actions to changes in motion. This way we can easily come up with a whole slew of easily trackable actions.

Come on over to play our demo!

Ideas for Improvement:

  • Cross platform support!
  • Tons of possibilities for an entire Myo Sport suite of detectable gestures for applications and games!
  • Porting the screen to OpenGL to be seen with Cardboard VR to have an immersive arcade experience or even a first person fighter!
  • More myos, more fun, more interactivity between characters


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